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photoblog image Romance by the lake
I welcome ALL comments. This was an impromptu shot.
attah from Great Britain (UK) 15 May 2006, 00:36
another voyeur ;-) nice impromptu shot.. presumably just before they gave chase ;-)

really liking composition and the fuzzy borders.
Mobolaji Kamson: actually they were clueless as to my presence, they were to busy in love ! thanks

Reza from United States 15 May 2006, 00:50
Ditto with attah. Very romantic shot. Very smoothly executed!
Mobolaji Kamson: Thanks reza

Jide Alakija 15 May 2006, 09:45
Interesting sihlouette (sp).

I have issues though....I don't like the border, something about the left bottom bit sticks out. Otherwise great find.
Mobolaji Kamson: well its actually a vignette, i felt the image by itself was too ordinary

what is (sp) ?

navin harish 15 May 2006, 10:56
It seems very Hallmark shot to me
Mobolaji Kamson: navin, thanks for comin back. Thanks for the comment also, but is that good or bad (HALLMARK) ?

sk from UK 15 May 2006, 11:19
me likey, the border is a nice touch as well.
Mobolaji Kamson: glad you like the border,i have one for you tommorow thats kind of a twist on your "odd one out" be sure to check it out !

Reza from United States 15 May 2006, 14:37
(sp) mean spelling. In short it means "I'm not sure if I'm spelling this work correctly"

"This is a distraction (sp)" mean the person is unsure of how to spell distraction.

Reza from United States 15 May 2006, 14:37
What I wrote above about distraction has nothing to do with the image. The word just came to me when I looked at the keyboard. hehe
Mobolaji Kamson: reza, thanks a million for the clarification on jides behalf. always happy to have your input

Amit 15 May 2006, 14:38
Thats a nice composition. Looks like a painting. Cheers!!
Mobolaji Kamson: Amit you are welcome, always fantasized about being a great painter, i guess this is as close as i will get. I hope to see you more often.

Sarah from Philippines 15 May 2006, 16:28
I love silhouttes...and this photo for me is sooo romantic.
Mobolaji Kamson: Thank you, Sarah

Sola Labinjo from Great Britain (UK) 15 May 2006, 17:27
Bolaji, nice capture, I cant see either of their legs or feet. I wonder how they were sitting.

By the way do you know a Bisola Kamson?
Mobolaji Kamson: Thanks, That girl, I think i know her sha, I cant remember, let me think....
infact i know her now, is she not my sister,
yes she is i know her sef !

Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 15 May 2006, 19:13
Darn good shot, the Subster is impressed by the Kamson man. These are what postcards are made off. You earn a coveted "I Likey" from the Subster for the "impromptuness" (does such a word exists folks) of the shot and for the time you obviously put in editing the shot.
Nxt time, goo all silhouette when posting silhouette , not feeling the brown ting in her hair(YES i NOTICE ALL).
Mobolaji Kamson: LOL !
I was hoping someone will notice that! I will fix it just for you.
THANKS for your comments, You are always welcome.

deji77 from Great Britain (UK) 15 May 2006, 22:25
liking the capture and how you have processed it.
wonder though what they would think if they knew they were on the Internet grin
Mobolaji Kamson: thats exactly why i chose to go with a silhouette. Anyone who can identify these mystery lovers correctly will get £1,000,000 reward !
hee heee...

pixibition 16 May 2006, 02:44
cool silhoutte...nice composition and colorssmile

latest comment
chunter from Salisbury, Wiltshire. UK 16 May 2006, 11:38
You've got a cracking picture here, and Suby and you are the only ones to spell SILHOUETTE correctly.

Thanks to Reza for the (sp) explanation. I had no idea what it meant in that context either.

Incidentally, "Hallmark" is a leading publisher of greetings cards, at least here in the UK, so I'd take it as a compliment if the idea is that it's good enough for professional publication.

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