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photoblog image Self Expression
This guy obviously has a lot to say. He has chosen to express it on his head ! The black and white treatment this time around is less of an experiment but more of a methodical approach, compare this to "the photographer" what look do you prefer ?
sk from UK 18 May 2006, 08:20
i like this, interesting

sk from UK 18 May 2006, 08:20
good range of tones, how did u convert?
Mobolaji Kamson: Asiko, hi, I was just checking out, you have a lot of good stuff men. anyway i used channel mixer with monochrome and just adjusted until i liked the look

Mona 18 May 2006, 09:35
This photo is really "ace" hehe
Mobolaji Kamson: Thank you Mona

TGirl 18 May 2006, 10:08
Really like the black & white. As per the question i prefer this, much more facets to this pic
Mobolaji Kamson: TGirl wow i am really happy to see that you are becoming a regular voice on the blog. Thanks for the comments, keep them coming.

petra from Netherlands 18 May 2006, 12:07
I like it very much.... did you crop the image?
Mobolaji Kamson: No, Not at all

Jide Alakija 18 May 2006, 13:12
Intersting...not sure about the darl BW processing though. If you look at the histogram in PS you'll notice that everything is on the dark side which means you're loosing a lot of detail.
Mobolaji Kamson: Well, I must say, I have never really bothered to learn how to read those things I guess there is still a LOT to learn. But I have to say looking at the final results it does not seem like a lot of detail has been lost. Unless of course I am unclear about what it is you mean by detail smile

Veloran from Singapore 18 May 2006, 14:25
That's a nice hat, interesting shot. Good work keeping the background out of focus.
Mobolaji Kamson: Thanks Veloran

Denosha from Singapore 18 May 2006, 14:46
Interesting subject here but I feel a closer shot would be nicer, making it easier to see the details which are just screaming out for attention. The empty space in the background is also abit too much which upsets the visual balance of the shot.

Mobolaji Kamson from Great Britain (UK) 18 May 2006, 14:55
You maybe right about the space on the left but i definitely wanted to capture a bit of the hat wearers face.

latest comment
Suby from Great Britain (UK) 18 May 2006, 15:10
Cool shot, Jide and Denosha have just about said it all smile

Monochrome conversion a methodical approach, I begger to think of what you where doing before then smile


I liked the Photographer

must fill in
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