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photoblog image Another Flower
Well.. Well... Well...
Guys, this is another attempt at the flower/nature thing.
The pp on this was very mild, as i was at a loss with what to do with it.

Like to know what you guys think of this one.
Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 19 May 2006, 01:25
Green shhs mode? Me not think soo.

So "cool shot"

Mobolaji Kamson: Sorry guyz i think I just made a slip on th shmood. I have fixed it now. so feel free to tear it apart !

Reza from United States 19 May 2006, 03:53
Hehe. this is labled "intresting" untill its a red ShMood ;-)
Mobolaji Kamson: Sorry guyz i think I just made a slip on th shmood. I have fixed it now. so feel free to tear it apart !

Sola Labinjo from Great Britain (UK) 19 May 2006, 08:13
I usually dont go near PP when I dont have an aim. As for the shot, any flower shot right now looks good to me considering the ones I have are below par at the moment

Jide Alakija 19 May 2006, 10:45
Great attempt. I'm just not feeling the colour balance.
Mobolaji Kamson: What would you have done with this?
I considered making it bw but the shot
seemed to flat for that !

Jide Alakija 19 May 2006, 11:14
I would have focussed more on detail which means smaller aperture and more light, then maybe reduced the saturation. I find that BW works best when there is a lot of detail in an image. Your lens is not known to be sharp at F/4.
Mobolaji Kamson: I hope I am not getting confused here but to my understanding, smaller aperture does not equate to more light going thru the len. So clarify for me by just usning f stops instead of small or large aperture. as you know bcos of the inverse relationship between aperture size and fstop numbers sometimes get ppl confused.

PS if you had not made reference to more light in relation to small aperture, it would have made sense.

Jide Alakija 19 May 2006, 11:15
I would have done the dof in PS....look at this for instance, I did the DOF in PS but got detail in the subject.
Mobolaji Kamson: if i were to go by the fstop for this image then i will assume that by small aperture, you really mean small aperture, then i will have to assume that when you made reference to more light you were refering to artificial light ! as opposed to Natural light

Florian Kirchhoff 19 May 2006, 11:37
hello Bolaji,
this violett Flower is great- good colours !!

hi from Florian
Mobolaji Kamson: hi, i am fine, see you on sunday.

Jide Alakija 19 May 2006, 12:57
Okay when I say small apeture I mean it in the physical sense, hence I say F/4 not F4. Have a look at the link below, well detailed explanation on what I mean.

Jide Alakija 19 May 2006, 12:59
at smaller apetures you have less light so F/8 allows less light than F/4. If you want to get more of your image in focus you'll need a smaller apeture but then that allows less light so you use additional light in the form of a strobe flash or so.
Mobolaji Kamson: Thanks for the clarification. Indeed this is inline with my understanding of the concept !

Reza from United States 19 May 2006, 15:22
Yaaaayyy, a red one!

I'll just chip in my two ¢. ok...

What I like:
-The attempt and braveness.
-The DOF for the most part
-Subject chosen is a pretty species of flowers

What I Dont Like:
-As Jide said the aperture. If you would have used a tinier opening on the camera, which would be f/8.0 or more and maybe a different focus point on the flower, then you would have come out with a better focus on the actual subject. And never forget to correct me if I'm wrong.
-The colors are rather dull.
-The particular flower chosen is not the best of flowers. When I take my flower shots, it takes me about 10 minute to decide which is the best to photograph. And even then I have to PP and then decide if it sucks or not. Usually it does, so I'm back out the next day taking more. So be vigorous with flowers.
-The angle of the shot. If you want a perfect 90 degree angle shot, by which I mean you are standing over it. Then make sure it is perfect. This shot's angle seems a little slanted.

Overall, I see the attempt and I give you so many kodus points for putting this up. It's not a horrible shot. I just think you need to retake it.

I hope I dont come off as a jerk. ;-)
Mobolaji Kamson: This is more like $2 ! LOL !

Reza, I respect and admire the time and effort you put in when it comes to making comments. Your comments are always well articulated.

In trying to utilize the comments I recieve, I usually try to categorize them as merely peronal taste of the commentor or issue that border on technique, laws, rules, guides of the field of photography and image making.

In view of this could you please clarify where your comment on "angle of the shot fall "

Thanks a lot !

attah from Great Britain (UK) 19 May 2006, 15:43
That has certainly been educational for me guys. BTW liking the shot more than not Mask. The crit does make a little bit of sense but I think its well executed nevertheless.

attah from Great Britain (UK) 19 May 2006, 15:44
That has certainly been educational for me guys. BTW liking the shot more than not Mask. The crit does make a little bit of sense but I think its well executed nevertheless.
Mobolaji Kamson: Glad you are learning. I think thats part of the game !

Reza from United States 19 May 2006, 16:31
You are 100% correct my friend. All of my comments are all personal prefrences. You have to consider that photography is a form of art. So there really are no rules in art. There was a famous artist who took a bike seat, turned it upside down and it was labled a masterpeice. Another saw a urinal, and put it up on the wall, and said it was art, he too became very famous.

Art has no boundries and there are no rules, whatever is apealing is what art is. Therefore, everything is personal prefrences and photography is not exception. As long as one person in the world likes the photo, then it is good. Most may disagree with me, but then again, artists usually disagree all the time.

My angle of shot, as every other comment I have made on anything, falls under personal prefrence. ;-).
Mobolaji Kamson: Well said, elouquent as always

sk from UK 19 May 2006, 16:37
nice shot
Mobolaji Kamson: Thanks

Reza from United States 19 May 2006, 16:37
Oh, and if the artists were to disagree with another artist, then the creator of the original piece of art still holds his ground. Meaning that his work is not any less than as it were before the disagreement.

In this case, the fact that I do not agree with some aspects of this particular shot, doesn't mean that I am correct and that doesn't make me a better artists or photographer or photo taker. It simply means we have different tastes in some things.

And as a photo taker, I try to find a scene or moment which apeals to me, then present it in a manner which apeals to others. So I dont try to have others like it, I simply show them why to like it. Thats what I go for.

Hope I didn't offend you my friend. My comments are all based as suggestions and not as actual 100% facts. So as art goes, someone thinks a work of art sucks, someone else sees it as a masterpeice. No one wins and to each is his own. smile
Mobolaji Kamson: offend ? Absolutely not. I just wanted clarification, thats all. I am the first to say No mercy when it comes to comments. I encourage people to be sincere and bold in the commenting

seye 19 May 2006, 21:33
I guess it was a bad idea reading through all the comments and replies first. They have only gotten me confused. Now I don't know what to think of the picture.

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kasie 17 Oct 2007, 19:54
so what is up with site the have some good pictuer

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