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photoblog image Lunch Break
I am seriously trying to refrain from making comments about the quality of this picture. I took it on evening by the alterhaus lake in hamburg. to get this perspective, i was virtually lying on the floor in the grass. This duck was taking a quick break presumably to confirm if i was friend or foe ! The other one in the background did not seem to even acknowledge my presence.

Some of you may wonder why there have been no portraits on my blog. Well it is definitely not because I do not like portraits as a matter of fact I love portraits. Since I have been in Germany, communication has actually been a big problem. I find it difficult getting people to work with me.

Any thoughts that could help !

I can't wait to get back to naija, hopefully I will be doing a lot more portraits !
Jide Alakija 23 May 2006, 01:01
Not bad....Erm...Shmood....not bad.
Mobolaji Kamson: Now that the Shmood has been adjusted ( I keep forgetting ) tell me what you really think !

Jide Alakija 23 May 2006, 08:04
On the portriat tip maybe you should still shoot them like that and some how convey this challenge in the shot. Not all my portraits are superb once taken but I try and do some cropping and PP to bringout the message.

Your shutterspeed was really slow and this ducj must have been very still when you took this. Was it really dark?

My only issue is that I wish it were in colour. Well done anyway.
Mobolaji Kamson: Well it was okay in colour. I just felt people have seen ducks so many times, and that for the image to have any kind of impact, it had to be presented differently. As I was typing out these words it just occured to me that there are a host of things i could have done to it in terms of color correction that could still have made it impactful and still in color. I guess i will continue to work on my post-processing/ photoshop fluency !

E Etomi from Nigeria 23 May 2006, 09:24
Your pictures are sharp! I'll balme it on my camera smile. I'd also love to see the coloured version. What did ppl think seeing you lying on the ground?
Mobolaji Kamson: people around here are used to seeing those kinds of things, Holding a big expensive camera makes it all the more acceptable. I think !

As for the picture being sharp, even though i used a relatively slow shutter speed, since i was lying on the ground, I used my elbows on the floor in an upside down V shape as a temporary tripod, this is a technique i learned in military school while shooting rifles in the bush in the lying down position. i later adapted to my photograpy in my university days when i used to do a lot of nature photography. Too bad all those wonderful images are lost !

Morenike 23 May 2006, 10:13
I like the sepia/reddish tones in this photograph. It's different and like you said i think it makes the picture stand out more than just another photograph of a duck.

However, I wish you'd cropped out the other duck on the right as this fine bird would have made a lovely shot by itself.
Mobolaji Kamson: Yeah, initially i thought i went a bit overboard with the red, buit when i looked at it again, i kinda liked it so i left it. As for the cropping
we'll see !

Suby from Great Britain (UK) 23 May 2006, 10:57
ISO 1600, Shutter speed f/13, yes you was lying on the ground and pretending to be really shotting a riffle at the ducks, does that answer the question why? NOPE.

I do agree with you though, slightly different from the normal colour shots you have out there. kudos here.

Yep, work on the PP process. Remember, It is to be used to ENHANCE ones shots, not create the images.

Mobolaji Kamson: Suby, I undertand every part of your comment except this. "does that answer the question why? NOPE" Does this have anything to do with the chicken/duck crossing the road ?

Mona 23 May 2006, 11:17
The tone works for me smile

attah from Great Britain (UK) 23 May 2006, 11:40
Trying to show off your camera abi? ;-) I like the composition and think its captured very beautifully. If i'm honest I'm not really digging the sepia tone.. I think it works very well in monochrome but would have preferred a muted tone.. great effort though and overall I like

Suby from Great Britain (UK) 23 May 2006, 12:39
"Does that answer the question why use ISO 1600 and shutter speed f/13? Me not think so". smile
Mobolaji Kamson: Well i am still not sure i am with you, but i will make an attempt to answer your question.

I mostly shoot without flash, therefore i have a tendency to shoot wide open and sometimes at high iso. if the light is very low, which was the case in this particular instance ( as jide pointed out) you have a situation where you are shooting wide open (f/2.8) and still using the highest iso you can muster (iso 1600) that leaves the camera to set the shutter speed (when using Aperture priority), which in this case was 1/13th of a second. for handholding a 100mm lens conventional wisdom says
this is too slow to get sharp pictures, and that is why i "pulled out the rifle". Hope this clarifies the issue !

I gues it was a bit confusing when i said i used a slow shutter speed, i was actually refering to the shutter speed that the image was shot at which was set by the camera.

Basically put in another way if i had set the shutter speed (Tv) to anything faster than 1/13s under the same conditions I would have had an underexposed image for sure. (Since i did not want to use my on-camera flash)

sk from UK 23 May 2006, 12:55
ok i like this shot, but i can't thinking i wanna see the colour version
Mobolaji Kamson: I will consult the master and come up with a befiting colur version sometime. I cant make any promises on the timeline

Veloran from Singapore 23 May 2006, 14:39
I like the perspective, that you actually got down on the ground to shoot this. The shallow DOF is great too. What I don't get is why you chose to tone this with red...

Suby from Milton Keynes ,UK 23 May 2006, 21:00
Yep know the shutter speed was set by the camera hence my question why? Excuses like the shutter speed was set by the camera don't cut it for me. You got the tools, Use it to it's fullest capacity, Not feeling you needed to go AV or TV on this shot hence my comments.

Next time go MANUAL.

Mobolaji Kamson: This brings up a very good point. In all my reading,studying,and practicing of photography. I was never really able to appreciate the use of full manual over lets say Av and Tv, I always felt like yeah you could use it compensate for wrong exposure during tricky situations, but you could still achieve these benefits with Av or Tv. Lets get specific in this case now, suby, How would using manual have solved my problem of low available light ?. I welcome others to contribute.

deji77 from Great Britain (UK) 23 May 2006, 22:50
The composition here is good though using the rule of thirds to place the duck in focus may have helped more. I too don't really get the red toning. Have you tried duotone? It tends to give a more pleasing effect to an image without tinting everything.

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Reza from United States 24 May 2006, 03:08
The colors are really warm. Try a cooler one.

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