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photoblog image Milli

Yesterdays comments generally give credence to the phrase, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Yes indeed !

Like i said sometime earlier on, The struggle continues. One thing is for sure though, my shmood will always remain on red. Take that as an invitation to always be fair but firm on your critiques. (sp) as for me I am trying out a few things this weekend, hope to offer you a Macro week (3) not sure when though.

deji77 from newcastle, uk 8 Jun 2006, 00:09
Liking this more than the previous shots. Nice work.
You dialled down the flash? You could probably have tried cloning over the white single pixel specks caused by the flash.
Mobolaji Kamson: Balancing between flash, DOF, Cmaera shake etc is very tricky, but i think i am getting a hang of it.

Denosha from Singapore 8 Jun 2006, 02:38
DOF is way too shallow for me. It's like there are details i want to see but I can't. The bits that are in focus are don't really seem significant or intentional either. Just a tip, macros are usually shot in the range of F11 - F16+ to maximize DOF. But of course there's always a balance between DOF, the amount of light you can get and diffraction effects of the lens (which is why i say F16+). By using a flash, you can basically eliminate the light factor.

This is an excellent guide by the way:
Mobolaji Kamson: Thanks a million. coming from the master .

Foluso from United States 8 Jun 2006, 06:31
I like this shot and though the focus is on the bug alone, I think it would have been better for the background to be less blurry.
Mobolaji Kamson: Thanx. Will do.

steve from UK 8 Jun 2006, 07:56
Colour and composition is good, although if I mask off the green area on the right, I think it makes it a bit stronger. The problem is the DOF as the others have said. F2.8 is generally too wide for an insect unless it's absolutely parallel to the film/sensor plane although you might get away with it for a head shot as well. It's important to get the head/eyes in focus as that is what we are naturally drawn to. Keep it up! smile
Mobolaji Kamson: i left that green area so youll get a sense of the creature crawling into something.As for the DOF, finally figured that out. Thanx for the encouragment

E Etomi from Nigeria 8 Jun 2006, 12:46
Sharper colurs, yay. I'm guessing the guys are saying theres no detail on the bug which is what I would have said ..all that DOF and stuff, I still need to grasp.
Mobolaji Kamson: DOF = Depth of focus, it is also called Depth of field but i think depth of focus explains it better. If you imagine your picture as layers of rectangle 2d pictures (LxW) that make a cuboid (LxWxH). The dof is the amount in "depth" of the hieght of the cuboid that is is focus. Hope this makes sense

attah from Great Britain (UK) 8 Jun 2006, 13:08
Full of respect for the way you keep experiementing. No other way to improve. Re this shot i agree with Denosha on this one.. not that I know anything about macro but it doesn't feel sharp enough. lovely colours though...
Mobolaji Kamson: Thanks

sk from UK 8 Jun 2006, 13:09
nice!!!!!! keep shotting bro. I think this might be the best one yet
Mobolaji Kamson: Thanx

Mona 8 Jun 2006, 14:22
Like the colours, still slightly out of focus though

Mobolaji Kamson: yep thanks.

latest comment
Brent Vermilyea 8 Jun 2006, 23:06
Now we're talkin'! By far the best in the series so far. This is excellent. The color, composition, and clarity: all excellent. Nice job. Cheers, Brent

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shutterspeed 1/250s
aperture f/2.8
sensitivity ISO400
focal length 100.0mm
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