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photoblog image Misel
Well guyz, for those of you who have been wondering where I have been. Well i dont have time to explain. All I can say is I will try to post a pic a day as usual. If I cant, I apologize The young lady in the picture is a beauty queen friend of mine. She was kind enough to pose for me. I did a bit of croppin, thats it. The picture was taken at a studio in port harcourt.
Jide Alakija 24 Aug 2006, 01:49
You're back! Nice to see you in full force too. Lovely image.
Mobolaji Kamson: Thanks Jide

sk from UK 24 Aug 2006, 06:16
wow ur back been a while, nice shot
Mobolaji Kamson: Yes asiko, its been a while. Things just went all crazy on me. Trying to catch up though

manuel estel from United Kingdom 24 Aug 2006, 07:14
This is nice max, She is beautiful too.

E Etomi from Nigeria 24 Aug 2006, 09:32
Welcome back Mask smile

E Etomi from Nigeria 24 Aug 2006, 09:56
i Bolaji, My addy is 53 Femi Ayantuga off Adelabu St Surulere, or African Reinsurance building 6th Floor Plot 1679 Karimu Kotun St VI. Please when will you be sending the camera?

chunter from United Kingdom 24 Aug 2006, 11:28
Hey Mask, good to have you back.

This is a slight diversion from your usual style, I see. There's usually plenty of colour in outdoorsy shots. This is a very competent studio shot that I'd have been happy to have taken.

The only disconcerting thing for me is the excessive white under the pupils of the lovely lady's eyes. Perhaps if she wasn't looking up quite so much, this would be avoided. On the other hand, some people may love the effect.

I wish I had such friends!
Mobolaji Kamson: Well this is more what i am used to doing, the other stuff was me trying to explore new areas. Also the enviroment I was in at the time presented me with a perfect opportunity to do that.

I could introduce you, if you are willing to go to Japan. coz that where she is headed in a few days !

Morenike from Nigeria 24 Aug 2006, 11:31
Welcome back Mr. Mask!

Sola Labinjo from Great Britain (UK) 24 Aug 2006, 12:52
Hey Welcome back, have you changed your camera ?
Mobolaji Kamson: Well my studio got robbed, so I had to donate my camera to the studio

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 24 Aug 2006, 15:55
You donated your camera to your Studio cause it was robbed? Sorry my brian still does not compute, how does one relate that to you having to donate your camera? tongue

Not bad, but(sorry bro), I do not feel you have really captured the essence or beauty of hher, to me I keep thinking, this cannot be her best angle (don't know why)

One thing that also niggle is the hand on the left shoulder, not the best of positions to me, fingers too spaced apart.

I love her eyes though, did you use a t.

Subyripod, if no why not? Her face is not really in focus
Mobolaji Kamson: Thanks Suby. Well my personal camera is separate from the cameras used at the studio. I have a few photographers working at the studio and dont like them using my personal camera. but since the cameras at the studio were stolen, I had to give up mine, until the studio is able to buy new ones ! Hope that explains it.

Yanik Tissera from Sri Lanka 24 Aug 2006, 18:12
great capture..she has big eyes grin
Mobolaji Kamson: I know ! Me too actually !!!

latest comment
Oladapo Bamidele 20 Apr 2007, 11:38
Like the stare!

must fill in
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