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photoblog image LEGS
I have been in the studio a lot lately, the problem is I have not had the opportunity to actually take as many pictures as i would like. This was another shoot that I actually got the opportunity to photograph. The picture is presented as photographed. All croppin was done in camera. I have decided to shun Photoshop for a while, mainly because of time constraints. I still welcome any comments on processing that could potentially add value to the pictures.
thebigant from Indonesia 25 Aug 2006, 01:27
wow! sexy legs!
i love the style she arranged her legs. great shot!
Mobolaji Kamson: Thank you

chunter from United Kingdom 25 Aug 2006, 07:36
A very professional and eye-catching image. And almost in our company colours too!
Mobolaji Kamson: What company is this ?

Sinem from MK, UK 25 Aug 2006, 08:22
Legs to kill for - great shot!
Mobolaji Kamson: Thank you Sinem.

Yanik Tissera from Sri Lanka 25 Aug 2006, 08:31
Mobolaji Kamson: That was the Idea, its not perfect though. maybe when i have some time, i will try to clean it up a bit.

manuel estel from United Kingdom 25 Aug 2006, 11:02
MMM...dunno what to say...

Jide Alakija from United Kingdom 25 Aug 2006, 11:37
You trying to cause trouble here????

Okay since I know you want some critism....and would like to improve on this, I would have somehow made the carpet the same texture as the wall so that it looks like she's suspended in the air with her "errm". The messy carpet doesn't do it for me.

incubus 25 Aug 2006, 11:40
....... m kay.....

Morenike from Great Britain (UK) 25 Aug 2006, 11:43
Nice legs. Cool concept. It's even more impressive to know that the PP here is minimal. nice work.

Mmm...all of a sudden, it's become so clear why you keep running back to that place... wink

Detective Bond 25 Aug 2006, 22:04
Ok, since no one has said, I feel like I have to tell you that I can see the hairs on her legs and also the stretch marks, you could have worked it on Photo Shop.
Mobolaji Kamson: Well yes I know, and i could have spent an hour or so on photoshop trying to make the picture perfect. sorry i just did not have that kind of time. Like i said earlier the picture is definitely not perfect.


OPPOSER from Nigeria 25 Aug 2006, 22:38
hey mask dont u think u could have hidden the stretch marks???

Calabar Gal 15 Oct 2006, 13:36
Its a nice shot!! Good for Eye Candy.
Only thing is the hair on her legs are too obvious.
Nice smooth legs would be dreamy............

latest comment
Himself from Nigeria 2 Nov 2006, 14:47
nice shot.. i agree with Cal lady bout the body hair. lso, some feather brushing would do wonders for the faint serrations at the hip/thigh area

must fill in
for this photo I'm in a any and all comments icon ShMood©
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aperture f/8.0
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focal length 46.0mm
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